Time for a Switch

WordPressI have tried numerous free blog services on the net; Blogdog, Blogger/Blogspot, E-Blogger etc. – but only one has satisfied my needs; namely, WordPress. For WebMurder’s Inc. I was looking for a platform that could be customizable, both WYZWYG and within the html. WordPress does not let you implement a home-brewn theme directly to the blog without you paying first. So I tried others, but there were so many bugs, not much help to get, cross-platform errors and the like that I got tired everytime a new problem showed up.

I wanted a blog were I could upload content directly from my 3G mobile phone (Nokia N73) via some smart service. WordPress does not support that either, yet. Blogger did, but after reading and reading meters of text and clicking links round in circles in their help-center; I found out that this service is only available with certain operators – in the U.S. God damn-it! You write how to send stuff from mobiles in Swedish when it only works in North America?

Then there was this and that and the other that simply was no fun. So I decided to stick with WordPress in the end. Which was good because now I really feel I can develop this blog the way I wanted to, in almost every sense. It is not perfect but perfectly easy to use and with no fuzz.

So that is why WebMurder’s Inc. did a sudden swap from Blogger/Blogspot to WordPress, in case you wondered.

If you would like to have a WordPress blog yourself and you already own a blog; no problems, the switch is as easy as chicken pie! Just click import on the WordPress dashboard and get everything from your previous blog into WordPress. Many popular blog services are supported including Blogger and TypePad. Get a WordPress account now!


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