Equality of the Sexes?

Women outlive most men of the same age group. If women live longer than men, then perhaps they should work longer too, i.e. retire later? Why not? If it should be equal between the sexes then let those who can work longer/live longer do that. Maybe it is time to enact a dynamic age of retirement, taking in account the working capabilities of respective individuals instead?

Check this out: http://www.abrasha.com/misc/women.htm

”Why women live longer” is a broad question with many answers. Harvard University Gazette writer William J. Cromie has tried to find that out by asking professors at the university. A part of women’s longlivity is their menopause; it hinders giving risky births at old age. Another thing is their estrogen; it stimulates good cholesterol and decreases chances of acquiring heart disease and other age-related diseases in general. Evolutionary speaking, women are more fit to survive than men, and that for a reason. Women take care of their babies while men traditionally (and probably evolutionary) do not. Therefore, a long life becomes a necessity because human young needs many years of upbringing by their mothers (or parents).

Read the article here: http://www.hno.harvard.edu/gazette/1998/10.01/WhyWomenLiveLon.html
Think they did a mistake though; ”Pilot whales, for example, suckle their young until age 14, and they, along with humans, are two of the few species that menstruate.”

It should be ”undergo menopause”, because all female mammals menstruate during mating season (poor Harvard guys, they apparently don’t always get things right).
Read this:

That’s why my dog has to wear panties and sanitary towel when she’s on it…

PS. Some say that the platypus is a mammal, and it does not menstruate. It lays eggs. It suckles its young and has fur, which only mammals do. DS.


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