Death Note is Falling from the Sky -updated

Update: A note to all readers, the Kuro-Hana website is no more. The links to Kuro-Hana in the below post doesn’t work anymore. Read this.

So at last the last name was to be written; nevertheless, Death Note does not end here. One of the most thrilling and intelligent anime series out there has come to an end after 37 episodes. What can be learned from Death Note? Was the ending the way it should have been?

*Spoiler Warning*

Yagami Light, one of Tokyo’s elite students, studying law to follow in his father’s footsteps, finds it hard to accept the justice system of today. He thinks it’s frustrating to see criminals go unpunished despite of what they have done due to lack of evidence.Light & Ryuuk Though, one rainy day when Light sits in his classroom, staring out on the gray, stale world outside, he sees something fall from the sky down on the school yard – a Death Note.

If Death Notes existed they would be the most powerful weapon ever. Their power is absolute, but it is cowardly to use them since they can kill at any distance and time, and all the while control the victims before they die. All you have to have in order to kill someone is their full name and face, this since you can not affect everyone with the same name – that’s the rules. Once names have been written in the Death Note they shall die within 40 seconds of a heart attack. If circumstances around their deaths is specified within 6 minutes and 40 seconds after the names have been written, you can control what the victims do before they die, when and how they die.

Yagami Light uses the Death Note to do what the justice system can not; he is justice, he is the punisher, he is God.
Strange deaths of criminals, them being convicted or not puzzles the police forces all around the world This is where L steps in. L has aided the police before, even though they never get the chance to meet him, and he is determined he will find the unknown killer commonly known as Kira (Japanese pronunciation of killer). The story unfolds as the battle between the two super-minds Light and L rages over Japan.

*End of Spoilers*

Thanks must go to Live-Evil, one of the world’s best renown fansubbing groups, for picking up Death Note and subbing the first 12 episodes before they became licensed. Also, Thank You Kuro-Hana (previously known as Anime Noobs Fansubbers) for outstanding efforts to bring fast and good quality Death Note subs from #13 to #35 until you received a C&D. And thanks C&D (a fansubbing group not a C&D) and Ruberia for the 2 remaining episodes after Kuro-Hana dropped Death Note!

It is often the case that a licensed anime series never reaches the last episode as a fansub, nor as a licensed sub either because licensing companies tend to re-air the series they own indefinitely (then the episodes don’t come in sequence), or they simply stop airing the series once it has been diminished by the company. Consequently, you will never see the end.

Also thanks to Death Fan and DeathNote7 for providing the grounds for the Death Note community.

Apparently there will be a last Death Note special – Don’t Miss It! There are still Death Notes out there! Read this!


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  1. It seems that the Kuro-Hana website is “dead”. That’s all it says when you visit their site. Kind of freaky I think. Sorry everyone that the links in the posts doesn’t work anymore. Seems I have 3rd rank on Google for “Kuro-Hana” right now. All I want to say is that they were a fantastic fansubbing group. I think they have found other projects to work on. Wonder how many of their subs are still available for download though… I wish all the best for the former members of Kuro-Hana, whatever they are doing now

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