Bling Bling Game Boy

Ha! Thought your Nintendo collection was complete? Think again! And think that you probably have to sell your entire collection together with your car or your house in order to get this baby:

Originial Nintendo Game Boy in Gold

From Aspreys of London comes this exclusive 18K gold Game Boy complete with diamonds lining the screen, a carrying case and a certificate that you are, let’s say – cool!

The Game Boy is to heavy too carry around in your pocket though. Read more here:


1 kommentar

  1. OH! COOLT!!! en sån vill jag ha!!!! det e så grymt att det är äkta guld =P
    Tänk hur mycket man kan skryta om den…. Men det skulle väl nog många som skulle försöka ta den. Men skit dyrt är den nog. Men det får jag nog glömma :D

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