Kuro-Hana was the Last Name in the Death Note -update

Update: A note to all readers, the Kuro-Hana website is no more. The links to Kuro-Hana in the below post doesn’t work anymore. Read this.

After much hassle, with members abandoning the project, donations failing and energy exhausted; Kuro-Hana has at last, released the Director’s cut of the Death Note anime series. The price; the disbanding of the fabulous fansubbing group Kuro-Hana with an out-standing record of quality subs. It may be the irony of fate but Death Note made Kuro-Hana a reknown fansubbing group because they continued to sub it when it got licensed; and now, it will be the last the group ever subs.

Kuro Hana Death Note

Do not fret; some members of the group are now recruiting subbers for a whole new, and yet to be named group! Hopefully, this new group will deliver the same speedy, quality subs that was Kuro-Hana’s trademark.

The Death Note Director’s cut is about 2 hours long and it is a roughly 1 GB Download depending on the file format you choose.

Download the DN Director’s cut here: http://kurohana.org/?p=106
You want to know what happened in the last episode of the series? Check this out: http://www.designchronicle.com/memento/archives/death_note_ep37.html


8 kommentarer

  1. Var länge sedan jag såg Death Note nu. Borde se innnan jag helt glömt bort vad som hänt hittills. Serien alltså….. Men det är lite läskit

  2. Director’s cut is like a summerize of the anime series with some surprises!

  3. Not true, the last anime they finished subbing was actually History’s Strongest Disciple: Kenichi.

  4. It depends on how you look at it. If counting an entire anime series, Kuro-Hana has never officially finished an entire series. They were, however, close to finish Death Note upon recieveing a C&D. After History’s Strongest Disciple: Kenichi they did finish subbing episode 2 of Hero Tales. After that, they released the above mentioned Death Note Director’s Cut which is their latest release so far.

  5. someone please bring them back for the death note special rewrite 2! i have the Raw version and im contemplating learning japanese since there are no english subs!!!!

  6. It seems that the Kuro-Hana website is “dead”. That’s all it says when you visit their site. Kind of freaky I think. Sorry everyone that the links in the posts doesn’t work anymore. Seems I have 3rd rank on Google for “Kuro-Hana” right now. All I want to say is that they were a fantastic fansubbing group. I think they have found other projects to work on. Wonder how many of their subs are still available for download though… I wish all the best for the former members of Kuro-Hana, whatever they are doing now.

  7. Thank you so much Kuro-Hana for all your hard work on Death Note: R. It was an amazing release and I wish you all best of luck with your furture endeavors.

  8. […] Kuro-Hana was the Last Name in the Death Note February 20087 comments 3 […]

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