Eclipse Productions and a Post on Fansubbing

Let me give the outstanding fansubbing group Eclipse Productions some cred for their fast, reliable, high-quality subs.

This group, according to their F.A.Q. has a few members who have worked with fansubbing for years but formed Eclipse in October 2005. What makes this group stand out of the crowd is how fast, relative to when an anime airs in Japan they can sub, and at great quality. Their subs are often true to the spoken Japanese and only a few or no puns, etc. are changed to a more understandable form. When something can be confusing for a non-Japanese viewer, Eclipse usually insert an on-screen explanation which is really useful for people like me who wants to get to know Japanese culture and language. This is unlike for example Dattebayo who often tries to come up with their own English version of puns and the like (see this:

On Eclipse Productions’ list of merit are the following top anime series:

Anime fansubbing started sometime in the 1980’s but the real boom came with the Internet and increasingly faster computers. When a fansub is made, a raw is needed for which a translated script is written. This is then timed so that the subtitle in question appears on screen at appropriate times and remain on screen long enough for a comfortable read speed. Fansubbing are by fans for fans and most groups have therefore no commercial interests in their productions. Both Eclipse and Dattebayo exercise this policy. Dattebayo have once asked for donations when they faced an imminent hardware failure. Though, they had to make a swift close-down of the donations because too much money flowed in. This meant that they could buy precisely what they wanted for continued fansubbing, and the rest of the money went to Doctors Without Borders (read a pressrelease here:

Now fansubbing is not by any means legal; since, the unauthorized redistribution of copyrighted material is prohibited by international law. This is sometimes troublesome for the fansubbers; yet, it becomes even harder when a series has been licensed in their native country (Japanese companies won’t trackdown a fansubber in like Moldova, but an American corporation might trackdown a fansubber in America).

Risk of legal action taken by large companies who own the rights to the anime series can force fansubbers to halt production, as in the case of Kuro-Hana, who were only two episodes short of finishing Death Note when they received a C&D.

Fansubs are the best way to enjoy an anime (until official subbed/dubbed versions are released) and as such you must give the fansubbers some credit for their work. One of the crappiest things you can do is to upload and/or watch anime at low-quality on streaming video sites like YouTube. The fansubbers work really hard and for free to bring fans good quality videos of fantastic anime series and they do not want to see their work decimated in a low-resolution streaming video. It does not take long to download an entire episode for you to enjoy via Bittorrent and it enables the fansubbing groups to keep statistics on how many viewers they have. Because one thing is for certain, it is a thrill for every fansubber to know that many people watch their subs and enjoy them.

Read more about fansubbing here:
Find anime from fabulous fansubbers:


2 kommentarer

  1. Hey!
    Its been a while.
    I saw claymore not too long ago, and loved it.
    Sadly after episode 21 or something, the story becomes fillers.
    Stil good anyways, I just had to read the manga.
    I dont like manga much though meh.

    Anyways, the reason why dattebayo is so famous, is because it was the fastest subber of naruto. Thats it, nothing else. Is not that is the best quality or the best translations.

    I started watching naruto with Toriyama World subs, they stopped around episode 40 or something. Then I continued with Aoen-anbu which did a marvelous job.
    Then naruto got licensed =_=.
    And everything went to hell lol, well most fansubbers dropped naruto, but dattebayo kept going .
    I mean im grateful of what dattebayo does. But people seem to misunderstand of why dattebayo is so famous.

    I remmber renting dbz, saint seiya, btx etc etc many animes when i was back in junior high(back @ 1996 and +).
    Fansubbers lol, had pixeled fonts and they would even leave the commercials. It was too difficult to edit those things out.
    around 1999 things changed, fansubbing became a quality business, well service.

    At least I, I try to buy my favorite animes everytime I can.
    Is not often, but, when you love something, you support it.

  2. well here comes the dattebayo issue again…

    i really love naruto. it’s been a while since i’ve gone crazy about an anime…first dbz then hunter x hunter then naruto. being in the philippines makes it very hard to get anime even the original dvd and stuffs like that so the only source of naruto would be the internet.
    all would have been fine if the dattebayo guys just show some professionalism and stop being jerks.

    ok fine they release fast and the quality is not that bad, but the trolls???

    they even insulted Filipinos and that really made me furious.

    these guys just love people to kiss their asses. not to mention the countless complaint about being banned.

    but when they asked for money people give then alot. maybe they should show some professionalism and respect.Respect is not given freely and if you want people to take you seriously then be serious and respect others.

    if only there is some other fan subbing group to pick naruto up i would go there…they act like jerks just because there’s no competition.

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