Google AdSense Goes Where?

Breaking news! Google has managed to snuck in their Google AdSense Internet ads on my web site which is both unwanted and forbidden according to the rules of How did I find this out? You see, I searched for images on Google connected to the search term ”WebMurder’s Inc.” and pressed one image of an avatar, belonging to a visitor who made a comment on this site. As soon as I clicked the link I was shocked to see Google AdSense on my page, both before and after the body of my post, and it was targeted according to the contents of the post! Even as I clicked Google’s ”view the original page” link, the ads still remained. This means Google has a way to snuck in ads on ad-free sites. The big question is; where the heck does the money go? I mean, are Google really making money off my site? OK, I know my site does not have 1,000 visitors a day but imagine those sites that do! Google can be making money on those sites without the owners even knowing it! Here’s the proof:

Google AdSense goes where?

Shame on you Google! I just hope you will come to your senses regarding AdSense…

As of now (23:13 +1GMT 11/3/2008), Google AdSense is down due to an internal error. Maybe it has something to do with the twitty little ads that showed up on WebMurder’s Inc.?

Svenskar som är intresserade av att läsa mer om Googles reklamerövringar kan läsa artikeln på om Googles uppköp av konkurrenten DoubleClick:
This information in English:

[UPDATE 12:31 +1GMT 12/3/2008]

Now, even in normal search and not image search, I can Google WebMurder’s Inc. and find Google AdSense. I will try and find out what is going on.
Here are some pics:
Google AdSense again! Google AdSense 3

[UPDATE 19:51 +1GTM 12/3/2008]

The issues have been solved. Google AdSense is up and running again (and yes, it is their crawler that spoke in the comments section to this post), and they were not responsible for the Google ads that was on my site. Read the whole story in the next post: Google AdSense Circus Resolved


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  1. my friend, one thing that, google maintain millions of user accounts information and carefull about their payments. sometimes they also face some problem and creating down time…me also see this problem but will be back soon…


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