What D.Gray-man character am I?

Couldn’t help trying this simple test over at theOtaku.com:

What D.Gray-man character are you?

What D.Gray-man Character Are You?

What D.Gray-man Character Are You?
Hosted By theOtaku.com: Anime and Fandom

D.Gray-man is set in an alternative world during a time period that resembles our world’s 19th century. Someone named the Millenium Earl wants to destroy the world as we know it by destroying pieces of God’s power called innocence. To his help is an army of demons that are born whenever a person tragically dies, and someone close to that person on the Millenium Earl’s behalf calls out to that person. The born demon then kills the grieving one and takes that person’s form. In this way, the entire world could presumably be inhabited by demons who can at anytime kill unexpecting humans. This is were exorcists like Allen Walker steps in. They are hosts to innocence fragments, granting them superhuman powers of varying sorts. Their mission is to recover other innocence fragments before the Millenium Earl does and to kill his demon minions; thus, freeing the brought back souls trapped inside. Allen Walker has, except for his anti-demon weaponry, a unique eye that allows him to see the souls trapped to demons, thereby identifying demons disguising themselves as humans.

Allen’s childhood was a tragic one, just like most of the other exorcists but, he is determined to free the crying souls trapped inside demons. Allen is destined to destroy time, though he doesn’t know much about it yet. Until then, he battles the countless armies of the Millenium Earl in mankind’s last hope of avoiding annihilation.

Read more about D.Gray-man here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/D.Gray-man
Shinsen-Subs and Toriyama’s World have made excellent fansubs of D.Gray-man, just Google-it!


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