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Reposting a comment:

It seems that the Kuro-Hana website is “dead”. That’s all it says when you visit their site. Kind of freaky I think. Sorry everyone that the links in the posts doesn’t work anymore. Seems I have 3rd rank on Google for “Kuro-Hana” right now. All I want to say is that they were a fantastic fansubbing group. I think they have found other projects to work on. Wonder how many of their subs are still available for download though… I wish all the best for the former members of Kuro-Hana, whatever they are doing now.

ChaotiX66 on Kuro-Hana was the Last name in the Death Note


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  1. mange tack för kommentaren, trevligt att någon förutom jag själv sett bloggen :P

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