Soul Eater is Licensed! Dattebayo Stops Subbing Naruto :'(

Sad to say, but one of my current favorite anime series have been licensed. Surprised? No, but the series had just aired a little more than a season (33 episodes). Could they have been more considerate? :P Now all the fansubbers have given up on fansubbing it since many groups got separate Cease & Desist letters… Darn!

Update! Soul Eater is still being fansubbed by both SEF and Hatsuyuki!

Second update: Hatsuyuki’s webpage has been suspended. The last known message (except for IRC channels) can be read here. Soul Eater Fan are the only group still subbing it. Please support them! As of now (10th of January 2009), their site seems to experience a downtime.

Fourth update: Soul Eater Fan doesn’t seem to sub anymore. Instead, Hatsuyuki are revived and sub Soul Eater in collaboration with Tsubaki Fansubs.

Fifth (and latest update): Wrong all again! Apparently, someone is using Tsubaki and Hatsuyuki’s name when subbing Soul Eater. They have nothing to do with either above mentioned subbing groups. Still they produce some good quality subs! Read Hatsuyuki’s admin’s comment on the issue here:

Read more here:

Black Star, Maka and Death the Kid

Black Star, Maka and Death the Kid

Say good-bye to Black Star, Maka, Death the Kid and the others…

Another perhaps likewise dramatic news in the anime world is that Dattebayo is going to permanently drop Naruto. Dattebayo have always showed up at anime conference Otakon, facing the anime companies; declaring, that if there is no alternative to fast, free, good-quality fansubs; then, they will keep subbing. Anime giant Viz, holder of the U.S. Naruto license, have now decided to do conform to that. From 15th of January 2009, Viz will start streaming Naruto for free, subbed on the Internet, one week after release in Japan. The week prior to this, the Japanese counterparts will do the same, and for a small fee you can get Naruto streamed the same day it airs in Japan.

Read about it here:

På svenska:

Third update: Dattebayo has released what probably will be their last subbed episode of Naruto ever. (Naruto Shippuuden 91, 8th of January 2009).

Watch future Naruto episodes here for free, if you’re a U.S. resident:
Or here for a fee (for HD, free otherwise), without citizenship limitations:
Read here about Crunchyroll’s role in this.
Read here on how to see streams outside USA!


5 kommentarer

  1. I don’t think Soul Eater has been acquired yet, they did sent out those letters but just on behalf of its japanese partner.

    But i don’t think it’s been licensed yet… Thats sad though, not licensed nor subbed, what to DOOO!

    • True Andre! Soul Eater is still being fansubbed. I’ll have to update my post a little bit. As soon as the large American anime corporations adopt the series it will be a much harder strife to continue subbing Soul Eater. For now ENJOY!

  2. Apparently, Crunchyroll doesn’t permit streaming of anime to residents of either France or Japan. Sorry France, and if you live in Japan you probably don’t want to watch subbed anime anyway, or?

  3. I’m very sad to see this anime to be licensed

  4. […] Soul Eater is Licensed! Dattebayo Stops Subbing Naruto :’( November 20083 comments 4 […]

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