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WebMurder’s Inc.

Welcome to this especially marvelous blog!
It’s a personal blog, without being personal in the sense that I write about my everyday life. It’s not fitted in a real cathegory either, since the content is sprung from all my interests and ideas.

This blog’s purpose is to bring up topics for debate, but also bring you fun and interesting new facts about the world around us. It is also a way for me to convey philosophical ideas or just share pics of mine. Most posts are written in the form of articles because it’s more professional and I’m simply more comfortable with it.

I’m a guy, living in Stockholm and currently studying Biomedical Laboratory Science. With one part of me rooted in science, and another one in my love for Japan – I’ll write anything from hadron colliders, to the latest anime news and beyond. Since I’m fluent in both Swedish and English, I’ll write in both these languages because certain things are just better to write in either language.

Read more about it in my first blogpost

Since no one can’t possibly know everything, I feel the need to delve into a subject before I write about it. That’s why there is links in all of my posts; they’re there, because you are ment to click on them! If anything interests you, or you just don’t know what a fiscal year is; don’t hesitate, just click the link and read on! Don’t worry, most links will automatically open in a new page so you don’t stray from WebMurder’s Inc

WebMurder’s Inc. is informative; gives new perspectives on things; has lots about Japan and anime; talks about science stuff; will have photos and videos; reviews and criticisms and will be a place for debate and fun stuff – all at once!

If you read the part above about this being a personal blog, you might understand why if you see it as all the posts together somewhat summarizes what I am and what I want to become – ”Nan to ka” :P


11 kommentarer

  1. Hi!
    How you’ve been?
    I dont know if you remember me… lol
    Anyways, I lost some stuff in my page cuz of my host and im now making a banner/friend list on the page.
    Was wondering if you had/or could do a 130width x 30height banner, so i can link your site in my page.

  2. Hello,

    from what movie/series/thing is the header image you are using with the guy with blue eyes? just wondering. :D

  3. Konnichiwa :)
    what a cool pages…everything looks sugoi!!!
    saikooooou xD
    mata ne!

    • Arigato Lego! Hai, genki desu! Thanks for the visit!

  4. Hej Hej ;) how is your japanese studying going? hehe
    ooh good luck with your study at school at first :P
    i will do my best my study as well!!!
    ganbarou^^ let’s go for it^^
    mata neee

  5. Hej!
    Yes! Ganbaru and Ganbatte with our studies!
    Many thanks for your comment!!
    You will hear from me soon ;-)
    Ja ne!

  6. heyhey ;)
    how have you been? :) ive been pretty busy…
    i just wanted to say Hi to you!
    It is very very hot here now! how is over there?
    i hope everything is fine with you!!!
    mata ne!

  7. Konbanwa!
    I’ll write to you soon! Nice to hear from you. I see, isogashIi? Me too! It’s really hot in Sweden! Above 30 degrees ;-) Take care!


  9. Ska rekommendera den här bloggen till folk!

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