Who doesn’t love Katsura Hinagiku?
This cutie is unknowingly in love with Ayasaki Hayate from the Hayate no Gotoku! (Hayate the Combat Butler) anime series. She’s 16 years old, 161 cm tall, Blood type 0, her favorite dish is curry and hamburger patties and she’s currently (and second youngest to be) the president of Hakuou Academy’s student council. She’s also afraid of heights, something Hayate takes advantage of in the Hakuou marathon meet. Hinagiku is also a kendo master and a good cook. Being both kind, cool, reliable and beautiful, most girls envy Hinagiku and most boys (including Hayate) are fascinated by her. But there is something she’s hiding. To find out what that is – keep watching the show!

Watch these uploaded pics if you like:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

 By the way, if you’re fan of Hayate no Gotoku! (like me) then you wanna get hold of something like this:

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Soul Eater is Licensed! Dattebayo Stops Subbing Naruto :'(

Sad to say, but one of my current favorite anime series have been licensed. Surprised? No, but the series had just aired a little more than a season (33 episodes). Could they have been more considerate? :P Now all the fansubbers have given up on fansubbing it since many groups got separate Cease & Desist letters… Darn!

Update! Soul Eater is still being fansubbed by both SEF and Hatsuyuki!

Second update: Hatsuyuki’s webpage has been suspended. The last known message (except for IRC channels) can be read here. Soul Eater Fan are the only group still subbing it. Please support them! As of now (10th of January 2009), their site seems to experience a downtime.

Fourth update: Soul Eater Fan doesn’t seem to sub anymore. Instead, Hatsuyuki are revived and sub Soul Eater in collaboration with Tsubaki Fansubs.

Fifth (and latest update): Wrong all again! Apparently, someone is using Tsubaki and Hatsuyuki’s name when subbing Soul Eater. They have nothing to do with either above mentioned subbing groups. Still they produce some good quality subs! Read Hatsuyuki’s admin’s comment on the issue here: http://www.hatsuyuki-subs.org/main/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=68&Itemid=5

Read more here:


Black Star, Maka and Death the Kid

Black Star, Maka and Death the Kid

Say good-bye to Black Star, Maka, Death the Kid and the others…

Another perhaps likewise dramatic news in the anime world is that Dattebayo is going to permanently drop Naruto. Dattebayo have always showed up at anime conference Otakon, facing the anime companies; declaring, that if there is no alternative to fast, free, good-quality fansubs; then, they will keep subbing. Anime giant Viz, holder of the U.S. Naruto license, have now decided to do conform to that. From 15th of January 2009, Viz will start streaming Naruto for free, subbed on the Internet, one week after release in Japan. The week prior to this, the Japanese counterparts will do the same, and for a small fee you can get Naruto streamed the same day it airs in Japan.

Read about it here:


På svenska:

Third update: Dattebayo has released what probably will be their last subbed episode of Naruto ever. (Naruto Shippuuden 91, 8th of January 2009).

Watch future Naruto episodes here for free, if you’re a U.S. resident: http://naruto.viz.com/
Or here for a fee (for HD, free otherwise), without citizenship limitations: http://www.crunchyroll.com/
Read here about Crunchyroll’s role in this.
Read here on how to see streams outside USA!

Kuro-Hana Fansubs

Reposting a comment:

It seems that the Kuro-Hana website is “dead”. That’s all it says when you visit their site. Kind of freaky I think. Sorry everyone that the links in the posts doesn’t work anymore. Seems I have 3rd rank on Google for “Kuro-Hana” right now. All I want to say is that they were a fantastic fansubbing group. I think they have found other projects to work on. Wonder how many of their subs are still available for download though… I wish all the best for the former members of Kuro-Hana, whatever they are doing now.

ChaotiX66 on Kuro-Hana was the Last name in the Death Note


If there is one anime I really want to see now it’s Moyashimon!

I read about it at Web-Japan’s Kids Web. It’s about this guy who studies at university who can see and talk to germs. The series is centered around fungi, bacteria and viruses and strange things happen involving them! It even has an educative side to it too, and since I want to specialize in microbiology it really made me interested in it. What’s more is that surströmming is featured in one episode, which is a smelly Swedish delicacy. Hah, really cool!


Roughly 10 % of the human average body weight consists of bacteria and 3-5 kg’s resides in your intestines.

Read how the series ends here: http://kurogane.animeblogger.net/2008/01/21/moyashimon-ends/

What D.Gray-man character am I?

Couldn’t help trying this simple test over at theOtaku.com:

What D.Gray-man character are you?

What D.Gray-man Character Are You?

What D.Gray-man Character Are You?
Hosted By theOtaku.com: Anime and Fandom

D.Gray-man is set in an alternative world during a time period that resembles our world’s 19th century. Someone named the Millenium Earl wants to destroy the world as we know it by destroying pieces of God’s power called innocence. To his help is an army of demons that are born whenever a person tragically dies, and someone close to that person on the Millenium Earl’s behalf calls out to that person. The born demon then kills the grieving one and takes that person’s form. In this way, the entire world could presumably be inhabited by demons who can at anytime kill unexpecting humans. This is were exorcists like Allen Walker steps in. They are hosts to innocence fragments, granting them superhuman powers of varying sorts. Their mission is to recover other innocence fragments before the Millenium Earl does and to kill his demon minions; thus, freeing the brought back souls trapped inside. Allen Walker has, except for his anti-demon weaponry, a unique eye that allows him to see the souls trapped to demons, thereby identifying demons disguising themselves as humans.

Allen’s childhood was a tragic one, just like most of the other exorcists but, he is determined to free the crying souls trapped inside demons. Allen is destined to destroy time, though he doesn’t know much about it yet. Until then, he battles the countless armies of the Millenium Earl in mankind’s last hope of avoiding annihilation.

Read more about D.Gray-man here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/D.Gray-man
Shinsen-Subs and Toriyama’s World have made excellent fansubs of D.Gray-man, just Google-it!

Hayate no Gotoku! Season One -update

Ayasaki Hayate is a boy, 16 years of age, who always seems to run out of luck. To keep the household running, he has to take spare-time jobs because his parents are gamblers beyond salvation and are always in debt. One day, to pay off their own debts, Hayate’s parents give their debt to the Yakuza to him as a Christmas gift. The Yakuza show up at Hayate’s house and plan to sell his internal organs for money. In order to survive, he flies and tries to find a way to pay 156,804,000 yen to the Yakuza in exchange for his life. This is when he meets Sanzenin Nagi, a filthy rich 13-year-old orphan, whose only living relative is her grandfather. She lives in her own mansion in the middle of Tokyo, destined to inherit the multi-trillion dollar Sanzenin estate. Hayate did not know this, but somehow he figures that if he kidnaps her and demands ransom, he might get out of this situation alive. He has his manners though and, in trying to explain that he has to kidnap Nagi, she mistakes his choice of words for a confession of love. Two brothers, who also owe money to the Yakuza then kidnap Nagi while Hayate calls Nagi’s guardian.
Out searching for Nagi is her maid Maria and sees Hayate, who has given up all hope (after giving away his name during the phone call to Nagi’s guardian that cost his last coins) lying down to die in the snow. She helps him and Hayate decides to repay Maria’s kindness by saving Nagi. After chasing and stopping the kidnapper’s car on his bicycle, Hayate asks Nagi to find him a job just before he collapses of his injuries. That is when Nagi declares that Hayate has to become her butler. Later, when she finds out Hayate owe money to the Yakuza, she pays them off, demanding that Hayate has to work off his debt to her as her butler.

Hayate no Gotoku!

Hayate no Gotoku! (Hayate the Combat Butler) is an “anything goes” anime (originally a manga) in which anything can happen. Being a butler to Lady Nagi is probably more demanding than anything Hayate has done before (which is a lot). Not only that Nagi is a Hikikomori, a person who rather not go outside to do stuff (like go to school) and thereby shutting herself out from society, she is also often targeted by varying kinds of enemies (not always because of her money though). Hayate must cure Nagi of her indoor-lifestyle, fight off robots, Yakuza, – even other butlers! All the while Hayate’s only wish is to finish Highschool.

This anime is bound to make you laugh, as Hayate often have to face hilarious situations. Somehow he is invincible as a combat butler but he gets in some tight spots throughout the anime. Hayate no Gotoku! has a broad character gallery and it is in the misunderstandings between the unique characters where most of the comical parts lie. Character personality is this series strength; who doesn’t fall for Nagi’s cuteness or Katsura-sensei’s drinking habits?

For anime fans, this series is a must because of all the references to other anime series (which often is partly censored). Other popular culture icons are being referred to as well.

Also worth noticing is the deconstruction of the fourth wall; the characters all know too well that they are in an anime and often complain about getting too little screen time. Even the narrator discusses things in the story with the characters; the anime’s target audience for instance…

Hayate no Gotoku! season one has run for a total of 52 episodes during about a year know (2007-04-01 to 2008-03-30 according to ANN) and the always so fantastic Eclipse Productions in collaboration with Static-Subs have fansubbed every single episode. Thank you for bringing anime fans this fun, entertaining and amazing anime series before anyone else!

On behalf of all anime fans, including myself, I thank you on beforehand if you are thinking of fansubbing season two

Update! Which indeed they are! Hayate the Combat Butler: Season 2 is being subbed by the awesome Eclipse and Static! Thanks guys! This is much appreciated!

Eclipse Productions and a Post on Fansubbing

Let me give the outstanding fansubbing group Eclipse Productions some cred for their fast, reliable, high-quality subs.

This group, according to their F.A.Q. has a few members who have worked with fansubbing for years but formed Eclipse in October 2005. What makes this group stand out of the crowd is how fast, relative to when an anime airs in Japan they can sub, and at great quality. Their subs are often true to the spoken Japanese and only a few or no puns, etc. are changed to a more understandable form. When something can be confusing for a non-Japanese viewer, Eclipse usually insert an on-screen explanation which is really useful for people like me who wants to get to know Japanese culture and language. This is unlike for example Dattebayo who often tries to come up with their own English version of puns and the like (see this: http://www.dattebayo.com/pr/66).

On Eclipse Productions’ list of merit are the following top anime series:

Anime fansubbing started sometime in the 1980’s but the real boom came with the Internet and increasingly faster computers. When a fansub is made, a raw is needed for which a translated script is written. This is then timed so that the subtitle in question appears on screen at appropriate times and remain on screen long enough for a comfortable read speed. Fansubbing are by fans for fans and most groups have therefore no commercial interests in their productions. Both Eclipse and Dattebayo exercise this policy. Dattebayo have once asked for donations when they faced an imminent hardware failure. Though, they had to make a swift close-down of the donations because too much money flowed in. This meant that they could buy precisely what they wanted for continued fansubbing, and the rest of the money went to Doctors Without Borders (read a pressrelease here: http://www.dattebayo.com/pr/18).

Now fansubbing is not by any means legal; since, the unauthorized redistribution of copyrighted material is prohibited by international law. This is sometimes troublesome for the fansubbers; yet, it becomes even harder when a series has been licensed in their native country (Japanese companies won’t trackdown a fansubber in like Moldova, but an American corporation might trackdown a fansubber in America).

Risk of legal action taken by large companies who own the rights to the anime series can force fansubbers to halt production, as in the case of Kuro-Hana, who were only two episodes short of finishing Death Note when they received a C&D.

Fansubs are the best way to enjoy an anime (until official subbed/dubbed versions are released) and as such you must give the fansubbers some credit for their work. One of the crappiest things you can do is to upload and/or watch anime at low-quality on streaming video sites like YouTube. The fansubbers work really hard and for free to bring fans good quality videos of fantastic anime series and they do not want to see their work decimated in a low-resolution streaming video. It does not take long to download an entire episode for you to enjoy via Bittorrent and it enables the fansubbing groups to keep statistics on how many viewers they have. Because one thing is for certain, it is a thrill for every fansubber to know that many people watch their subs and enjoy them.

Read more about fansubbing here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fansub
Find anime from fabulous fansubbers: http://baka-updates.com