How to eject a 3″ mini-CD from a MacBook’s SuperDrive

3" Mini-CD

I've squeezed the bastard....

Today I carelessly inserted a 3″ Mini-CD into to the SuperDrive of my beloved MacBook Pro. As the SuperDrive doesn’t accept these discs I was terrified that I’d not be able to get it out. Force ejecting the CD didn’t do much. Some sites suggested that I should resort to use a creditcard and mess around inside the SuperDrive. I regret that I did try it at first because much sensitive stuff is in there and I still didn’t get that damn mini-CD out. However, I opened the Terminal (Applications>Tools>Terminal) and typed ”drutil eject”. I repeated the command by using the up-arrow on the keyboard to repeat it and pressed enter several times. Each time the SuperDrive did it’s best to eject whatever was in there but failed. However I figured if I tilted the computer on the side with the SuperDrive facing downwards and then repeating the command time after time I might get it out. Finally the edge of the cursed mini-CD showed and as final procedure I closed the lid on my MBP and shook it until the mini-CD bastard popped out. Phew!

Tell me if you’ve got other solutions or problems and we can discuss it!


Apple har släppt iPad

På en presskonferens idag kl 19:00 svensk tid visade Apples grundare Steve Jobs upp företagets senaste innovation. iPad, är en ”tablet-PC” som består av en 9,7″ multi-touch skärm med WiFi och 3G (utvalda modeller). iPad är tänkt att vara ett mellanting mellan en MacBook och en iPhone. Den klarar högupplösta videor och spel, iWork (Apples motsvarighet till Office-paketet) och ska vara underbar att surfa, läsa mail och föra kalender med.

Men huvudsyftet var att utmana och deras Kindle – en skärm i nästan samma format men endast för e-böcker. I och med iPad introducerar Apple nämligen iBooks som är ett iTunes store för e-böcker i ePub formatet. Du kan bära med dig tusentals e-böcker och läsa dem var som helst. Touch-gränssnittet möjliggör bläddring i böckerna med fingrarna, ungefär som en riktig bok, vilken lär tilltala tvivlarna till e-boken. Gränssnittet är ungefär detsamma som på en iPhone eller iPod touch med skillnaden att man kan få upp ett stort snyggt on-screen tangentbord vilket gör det bekvämare att skriva mail eller att jobba i iWork än vad iPhones lilla skärm skulle tillåta. Dessutom är iPad kompatibel med alla iPhone applikationer som dessutom kan uppskalas till att täcka hela skärmen.

Mer info här:

Personligen hade jag gärna sett uppdateringar av Apples MacBook Pro familj som är i slutet av sin produktionscykel. En gissning är i alla fall att de utrustas med Intels nya i5 processorer (i7 skulle vara för strömkrävande), något som exempelvis Dell redan har gjort med sina Inspiron laptops. Nya MacBook Pros lär komma snart men den som väntar på något gott…

Adobe Creative Suite and Avatar

The result when professionals use the Adobe Creative Suite:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Clip from when producer John Landau talks about the production of Avatar.

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Handy Windows Shortcuts

People have asked me about those handy little key combinations that everyone seem to forget from time to time. So here it is, WebMurder’s Inc. presents its very own list of smart, competent shortcuts for Windows!

  • CtrlAltDel – The very first combination any Windows user should learn! When your program freezes and nothing else works, try this! It works as well for when you want to log off, or shut down your computer.
  • Alt-F4 – Try this when you quickly want to close down a window! Ctrl-W may produce an equivalent effect. Alt-F4 will bring up the Shut Down menu if used at the Desktop.
  • Alt-Tab – When you have multiple windows open use this and you can switch between any of them. Keep Alt pressed and switch with Tab!
  • Ctrl-click – To select multiple files and/or folders by clicking, independent of their position in a folder. Keep Ctrl pressed! Click again to deselect a selected item.
  • Shift-click – To select all subsequent files and folders by clicking, without clicking and dragging a selection box. Works for text too!
  • Ctrl-A – To select every file or folder without dragging a selection box. Works for text too!
  • Shift-arrow keys – To select files and folders adjacent to the one you’ve selected without clicking. Using the up and down arrow keys will have a similar effect as Shift-click. Works for text too!
  • Ctrl-C – To copy a selected file, folder or text. One of three must-learns for every Windows user!
  • Ctrl-X – To cut a selected file, folder or text. The second of three must-learns for every Windows user!
  • Ctrl-V – To paste a selected file, folder or text. The third of three must-learns for every Windows user!
  • Ctrl-Z – Undo the last action. Really handy! In some programs, repeating this will undo even more actions, while in other programs it just undoes the undo-command.
  • Ctrl-Y – Redo the last action. Works only if you have used undo first. Perhaps not as handy but worth mentioning!
  • Arrow keys – To move up or down in documents, browsers, files and folders. Never forget these essential navigational keys!
  • Ctrl-F – To search for something in most programs.
  • Ctrl-S – To save, mostly in text editors. Try practicing this one a lot!
  • In text situations, Ctrl-I will render selected text in Italics, Ctrl-U will likewise underline selected text and Ctrl-B will make it bold. It may be other commands if you are using a localized version of Microsoft Word.
  • In text situations, Ctrl-Shift-Right/Left arrow key will select a word instead of single letters, making it easier to select a sentence or a phrase. Place the text marker before or right after a word!
  • In text situations, Shift-Return will tighten the text you write next closer to the above line. Useful formatting shortcut!
  • Tab – Can be used to select the next file, folder, menu and button. Use Enter to confirm and Esc to cancel. In conjunction with the arrow keys it allows short access to almost anything on your computer!
  • Alt – Can make the drop down menu accessible  in a program via the arrow keys. Again, use Enter and Esc to confirm and cancel respectively.
  • F5 – Update an Explorer view, or Internet browser. Try it now for instance!
  • Windows key-E – Opens My computer.

If Ctrl-Alt-Del fails, and anything else too, try holding in the Power-On button on your computer. Most computers will then power-off after a set time, regardless of the state of the OS.

Many of these shortcuts are applicable in all kinds of situations, or simply when your mouse doesn’t work. Try them out! Many of the above mentioned works for selecting, cutting and pasting images too! There are of course many unmentioned shortcuts, but this is a collection of both the essential, and some little more advanced ones. Enjoy!

More Windows shortcuts here:

Snart kommer Snow Leopard!

Förra veckan avslöjade Apples Unix-ingenjör Jordan Hubbard, att Apples nya operativsystem Mac OS X Snow Leopard kan komma redan första kvartalet 2009. Hubbard beskrev utvecklingen av Mac OS X som operativsystem i en slide-show under en presskonferens förra veckan, där även releasen för Snow Leopard tycktes ske under första kvartalet 2009.

Mac OS X Snow Leopard, även kallad Mac OS 10.6, är nästa version av världens mest kraftfulla operativsystem, ifall man får tro Apple själva. Istället för ännu mer användarfunktionalitet som i Mac OS X Leopard (10.5), kommer Snow Leopard att innebära helt nytt sätt att utnyttja prestandan i moderna fler-kärniga processorer. Dessutom kommer OpenCL (Open Computing Language) tillåta utvecklare av programvara att använda grafikprocessorns kapacitet till annat än grafikapplikationer. Även utnyttjandet av RAM-minnet blir betydligt mer avancerat. Apple sägs ha forcerat en övre teoretisk gräns för RAM-minnet och kan i framtiden låta sina datorer ha RAM-minnen uppemot 16 TB (16 tusen gigabyte). Snow Leopard kommer utöver detta även ha utökat stöd för Microsoft Exchange 2007 samt inkludera Quick Time X och snabbare JavaScripthantering av webbläsaren Safari. Dessutom är i princip all PowerPC-kod borta, vilket gör att operativsystemet körs mer optimalt på Intel-processorer.

Läs mer här:

Google AdSense Circus Resolved

Perhaps I was too keen on blaming Google; jumping to conclusions like that. I started a thread on Google AdSense at Google Groups and almost instantly, the community responded.

See the responses here:

It looks like it is that is the culprit here; in the least, the ones that put AdSense on my site. It was even in their right to do so. I had missed out one of the features of

”To support the service we may occasionally show Google text ads on your blog, however we do this very rarely. In the future you’ll be able to purchase an upgrade to either turn the ads off or show your own ads and make money from your blog.”

What I meant earlier with ”[…] is both unwanted and forbidden according to the rules of” was their line:

”Adsense, Yahoo, Chitika, TextLinkAds and other ads are not permitted to be added by users.”

I had definitely missed out the features part and user part. My bad, and I truly apologize for this. I hope this settles any arisen confusion from my previous post.

Google does not hack sites or anything the like to make money out of text ads!

Google AdSense Goes Where?

Breaking news! Google has managed to snuck in their Google AdSense Internet ads on my web site which is both unwanted and forbidden according to the rules of How did I find this out? You see, I searched for images on Google connected to the search term ”WebMurder’s Inc.” and pressed one image of an avatar, belonging to a visitor who made a comment on this site. As soon as I clicked the link I was shocked to see Google AdSense on my page, both before and after the body of my post, and it was targeted according to the contents of the post! Even as I clicked Google’s ”view the original page” link, the ads still remained. This means Google has a way to snuck in ads on ad-free sites. The big question is; where the heck does the money go? I mean, are Google really making money off my site? OK, I know my site does not have 1,000 visitors a day but imagine those sites that do! Google can be making money on those sites without the owners even knowing it! Here’s the proof:

Google AdSense goes where?

Shame on you Google! I just hope you will come to your senses regarding AdSense…

As of now (23:13 +1GMT 11/3/2008), Google AdSense is down due to an internal error. Maybe it has something to do with the twitty little ads that showed up on WebMurder’s Inc.?

Svenskar som är intresserade av att läsa mer om Googles reklamerövringar kan läsa artikeln på om Googles uppköp av konkurrenten DoubleClick:
This information in English:

[UPDATE 12:31 +1GMT 12/3/2008]

Now, even in normal search and not image search, I can Google WebMurder’s Inc. and find Google AdSense. I will try and find out what is going on.
Here are some pics:
Google AdSense again! Google AdSense 3

[UPDATE 19:51 +1GTM 12/3/2008]

The issues have been solved. Google AdSense is up and running again (and yes, it is their crawler that spoke in the comments section to this post), and they were not responsible for the Google ads that was on my site. Read the whole story in the next post: Google AdSense Circus Resolved