Ongoing Competitions

WebMurder’s Inc. is proud to present its Ongoing Competitions page!

Here you will over the years find nice competitions that you may compete in to win fabulous prizes that WebMurder’s Inc. is just giving away to the worthy winner!

Half-Life 2 Competition

Half-Life 2 won the Game of The Year award in 2004 and is still considered among the best games in gaming history… The prize? A real copy of the Half-Life 2 game of course! It will be sent to the winner as a gift via Valve’s Steam application.


Compete and win nice prizes!

The winner of WebMurder’s Inc. Half-Life 2 competition is… Bruno! On august 29th he set out to do what needed to be done. In the end he was able to redeem a Half-Life 2 gift within his Steam account. Congratulations!

2 kommentarer

  1. I gonna try to win!!! :D

  2. I WON!!!!!!!!! YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D THANK YOU SO MUCH YOU ARE THE BEST …….. DU<– är den BÄSTA! Brorsan man kan ha!!!!! <—- och jag menar det och det vet du :D

    /// Jocke

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