How to eject a 3″ mini-CD from a MacBook’s SuperDrive

3" Mini-CD

I've squeezed the bastard....

Today I carelessly inserted a 3″ Mini-CD into to the SuperDrive of my beloved MacBook Pro. As the SuperDrive doesn’t accept these discs I was terrified that I’d not be able to get it out. Force ejecting the CD didn’t do much. Some sites suggested that I should resort to use a creditcard and mess around inside the SuperDrive. I regret that I did try it at first because much sensitive stuff is in there and I still didn’t get that damn mini-CD out. However, I opened the Terminal (Applications>Tools>Terminal) and typed ”drutil eject”. I repeated the command by using the up-arrow on the keyboard to repeat it and pressed enter several times. Each time the SuperDrive did it’s best to eject whatever was in there but failed. However I figured if I tilted the computer on the side with the SuperDrive facing downwards and then repeating the command time after time I might get it out. Finally the edge of the cursed mini-CD showed and as final procedure I closed the lid on my MBP and shook it until the mini-CD bastard popped out. Phew!

Tell me if you’ve got other solutions or problems and we can discuss it!


iPod from China

I drove my friend to the airport a couple of weeks ago. He was headed for China; Zhuhai, to be exakt. Never heard of it you say? Well, neither had I until my other friend went there to live on his own, making good business. When he was back here in Sweden for a month last year I bought his new iPod. I made a great deal you know; iPod Classic 80 GB for just 1 500 SEK. That’s 60 % of market price! Bought in China of course, but it was the real thing for sure!

Well, back to what I was saying. Both of my friends are now in Zhuhai and having what I believe is a good time. Here I am in the cold north; struggling to keep depression away, and sick of the darkness. But hey, I am still happy for my dudes over in the People’s Republic! Take your time to read their blog!

Oh, and I just happened to include a pic of my new iPod for you, dear readers! Just so you know, it’s the gadget that gets me through this winter…

iPod Classic 80 gbiPod Classic 80 gb

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