Fun Fanta Weapon

Behold the Japanese hand held, modified, Fanta infused nuclear weapon!

It’s pay back time ;-)


Eclipse Productions and a Post on Fansubbing

Let me give the outstanding fansubbing group Eclipse Productions some cred for their fast, reliable, high-quality subs.

This group, according to their F.A.Q. has a few members who have worked with fansubbing for years but formed Eclipse in October 2005. What makes this group stand out of the crowd is how fast, relative to when an anime airs in Japan they can sub, and at great quality. Their subs are often true to the spoken Japanese and only a few or no puns, etc. are changed to a more understandable form. When something can be confusing for a non-Japanese viewer, Eclipse usually insert an on-screen explanation which is really useful for people like me who wants to get to know Japanese culture and language. This is unlike for example Dattebayo who often tries to come up with their own English version of puns and the like (see this:

On Eclipse Productions’ list of merit are the following top anime series:

Anime fansubbing started sometime in the 1980’s but the real boom came with the Internet and increasingly faster computers. When a fansub is made, a raw is needed for which a translated script is written. This is then timed so that the subtitle in question appears on screen at appropriate times and remain on screen long enough for a comfortable read speed. Fansubbing are by fans for fans and most groups have therefore no commercial interests in their productions. Both Eclipse and Dattebayo exercise this policy. Dattebayo have once asked for donations when they faced an imminent hardware failure. Though, they had to make a swift close-down of the donations because too much money flowed in. This meant that they could buy precisely what they wanted for continued fansubbing, and the rest of the money went to Doctors Without Borders (read a pressrelease here:

Now fansubbing is not by any means legal; since, the unauthorized redistribution of copyrighted material is prohibited by international law. This is sometimes troublesome for the fansubbers; yet, it becomes even harder when a series has been licensed in their native country (Japanese companies won’t trackdown a fansubber in like Moldova, but an American corporation might trackdown a fansubber in America).

Risk of legal action taken by large companies who own the rights to the anime series can force fansubbers to halt production, as in the case of Kuro-Hana, who were only two episodes short of finishing Death Note when they received a C&D.

Fansubs are the best way to enjoy an anime (until official subbed/dubbed versions are released) and as such you must give the fansubbers some credit for their work. One of the crappiest things you can do is to upload and/or watch anime at low-quality on streaming video sites like YouTube. The fansubbers work really hard and for free to bring fans good quality videos of fantastic anime series and they do not want to see their work decimated in a low-resolution streaming video. It does not take long to download an entire episode for you to enjoy via Bittorrent and it enables the fansubbing groups to keep statistics on how many viewers they have. Because one thing is for certain, it is a thrill for every fansubber to know that many people watch their subs and enjoy them.

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Longboard i månskenet

För ett par veckor sedan köpte jag en skön cruiser longboard. Vädret har ju varit så pass milt att säsongen lär börja tidigt, och då går priserna upp på brädor. Därför slog jag till på en helt ny Landyachtz The wedge flex Super Deluxe CompleteBlocket. Den har Grizzly truckar, 76 mm Abec 11 Gumballs hjul (75A), 1/2″ risers och LY abec 7 kullager. Det känns att den har härligt flex, bra flyt i svängarna och rullar på bra. Med andra ord en ordentlig carvingbräda! Killen jag köpte brädan av är dels agent för Rockaway Beach, en brädbutik i Stockholm, dels så har han tävlat i drygt 10 år. Ibland vinner han brädor, eller får brädor över från försäljningen som han då säljer vidare privat. Det märktes att han visste vad han snackade om, för jag hade googlat sönder efter longboardinfo veckorna före köpet och hängde med i teknolekten.
Dessvärre har vädret varit lite instabilt; det har varit blött, till och med snö! Sen har vårgruset inte varit så kul så jag har inte kunnat premiäråka brädan… förrän i natt! Jag jobbade sent på KappAhl igår och kom hem vid 01:30. Självklart var jag tvungen att ta ut söta lilla hunden också. Trött som fan var jag, men det hindrade mig inte från att ta tillfället i akt och ge mig ut och cruisa lite, efter att ha rastat hunden förstås.

Detta är min första longboard bräda, men jag har kört skateboard förut. Skillnaderna är stora i hur långt man kommer på varje kick och hur bekvämt det är att åka, för skateboards har hårda hjul. Min Landyachtz har ”mjuka” stora hjul med ett otroligt rull i (se videon)! Dessutom gör längden och truckarna brädan stabil när man har lite fart.

Den som hade varit vaken vid 2-tiden i natt i bostadsområdet hade kunnat se en kille på longboard med elakt gröna hjul cruisa runt i månskenet.

Appropå månsken är det total månförmörkelse i natt klockan 04:01. Total månförmörkelse blir det när det är fullmåne och månen passerar precis bakom Jorden i förhållande till solen. Då färgas månen röd av de ljusstrålar som letar sig genom Jordens atmosfär och ändå träffar månen. Om det inte är allt för disigt är det värt att se!

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Nyfiken på astronomi? Jag rekommenderar detta underbara program (som är bäst på bärbar dator):

J-Pop and How to Get it

It is inevitable that if you watch anime, you will like J-Pop. The opening and ending songs of each anime are often well-composed pieces of music by established Japanese artists or composers. Also, what sets anime apart from western television series is that the opening and ending songs may change during, or between seasons. Therefore with series like Naruto and Bleach with hundreds of episodes and numerous seasons, you get to hear many catchy tunes that you might want to put on your mp3. The problem is often that they are not easy to find on conventional sites; and if you do not know japanese, they may be even harder to type in search fields.

Luckily, some people have set their mission to let other than Japanese people listen to Japanese music! An example is where the signature Kurosaki often posts nice information, covers and links to downloadable Japanese and Korean songs and albums. This is where I for instance, got hold of the latest songs for Bleach and Naruto Shippuuden (watch the below video).

Long Shot Party – Distance

The songs you hear in anime series are often cut versions to fit the opening or ending of the anime. As such, the original versions of the songs can sound differently from what you heard in the anime.

Questions on legal issues at Nipponmedia can be found here:
For Bleach songs check: (free membership)
Japanese music on Bittorrent:

Rumpaa, kött och Hans!

Jag bara måste dela med mig av den här knäppskallen Sean Banan från TV3s Floorfiller – han är sheeeöööö(t)n fyy faan!

Vänta dig mer från den här killen, han kommer gå långt – på sin knäpphet!

Japan is not Always Fun and Games

Japan’s Imperial times during the late 19th and early 20th centuries were incredibly turbulent. Japan sought power, conquest and self-sufficiency. To the people, the emperor was Kami, or God.  However, what ”God” made them do was anything but divine.

As Imperialist forces paved the way through the Asian continent, thereby putting major parts of China under Japanese control, hideous scenes were taking place. Torture, unjustified executions and rape was part of the everyday horror.

Nowadays, Japan is on speaking terms with every country in East Asia, perhaps apart from North Korea. Though, the relations between Japan and China are still quite tense. Few years ago, Chinese criticism raged as Japan’s bureau of education acknowledged history books in which the impact of Japanese forces in China had been out-slated. It stirred global debate, not in the least on the Internet.

My blogger friend Carl Pei noticed something interesting a while ago, though I felt I had to mention it someday. He saw an article on about the Japanese Prime Minister denying atrocities comitted against the Chinese during the early 1900’s.

In the comments section on, one could see that people reacted deeply against the content of the article but also against foolish and intolerable comments from other people. This is opinion being born, in a natural and democratic way on the internet. This shows that it is highly important with Web 2.0 (compare YouTube)! Without user-generated content and comment features, the voice of the people subsides on the net. That is why blogging is so important and this is also why people have always been writing, throughout history.

”The pen is mightier than the sword”

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